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From Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah to ALLAH’s (SWT) Orders, learn everything about Islam with the StepsHowTo ISLAM category. Firm your Islamic beliefs with StepsHowTo articles. Get to know about Islamic laws, rules, declarations, and decrees if you are new to this religion by discovering topics like how to wear Hijab, how to memorize Quran, how to perform Hajj and Ummrah, how to get closer to Allah, how to ask Allah to forgive you, how to fast during Ramadan, and more. If you are newly converted to Islam and want to adopt Islamic teachings or desire to be a better Muslim, then StepsHowto articles will boost your Iman with step-by-step how-to guidelines. Achieve a happy worldly life and hare after with our step-by-step Islamic guide, share the articles with your friend and family for the sake of reward.

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