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StepsHowTo Ibadah Category is here to help you perfect your act of worship by authentic Hadiths and simple guidelines. For any kind of worship, one must be in a clean state, attained by doing Wadu(Ablution), Tayyamum(Dry Ablution), or Ghusal(Full Ablution). Daily five Prayers are the prime part of our life and are considered the core of Ibadah.  From How to do Ablution to How to offer Salah(Namaz), enhance your knowledge and improve your Ibadah we are here to help you. Step-by-step How-To guide and videos proved by StepsHowTo on topics like joining late congregation prayer, Janaza Prayer(Namaz-e-Janaza), Istikhara Prayer, Salatul Tasbeeh, Tahajjud Prayer, and Prayer Conditions will increase your understanding and will make you a good practicing Muslim. Read our articles given below for more information.

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