In case you want to learn how to do hanging indent on Word, then StepsHowTo brings the easiest guide in using two of the easiest method to do hanging indent. You will be able to learn hanging indent in word so that you can add citations and make certain modifications to your documents created in word. A hanging indent occurs when the first line of a paragraph in any document begins at the left margin and the successive lines begin indented, or spaced, from the second margin.

This helps to arrange the document that is being edited and make it easier to read. They can also be used to make numbered and bulleted lists. These indents are also known as second-line indents which is a formatting option that places the first line of a paragraph at the margin and indents succeeding paragraphs. You may make a hanging indent in Word by modifying the document’s formatting parameters.

Hanging indents are part of paragraph formatting that allows a user to edit the selected text in such a way that the first line is indented and the subsequent lines are at the margin. They are often used in works cited and bibliographies because they allow readers to rapidly scan works bibliographies and cited for author names and find out the breaks between citations. Also, see related topics like How to Remove Mendeley from Word, How to Recover Deleted Messages, and others in Computer and Electronics category.

How to do Hanging Indent on Word

If you don’t know how to indent word, then the below-mentioned steps will help to understand how you can create indents in words to make your citations or other work look arranged and better. You can follow two ways to create an indent in word and these are:

  • Hanging Indent by Ruler Method
  • Hanging Indent by Paragraph Dialog Box

Both the ways are pretty simple to add indent on word document in order to make little changes and improve it. The steps are.

Step 1 (Ruler Method)

First, we choose to set indenting with the ruler method because it is the easiest approach for word indent. It is best for short blocks of text because it is not very precise. To start with, open a blank document where you can write the desired text for formatting. Enter your text first in that document.

Ruler Method

Step 2

Once you have entered a paragraph, it’s time to add hanging indent to the position that you want. You will see the ruler at the top of your word document. If it’s not visible, you can go to the View option at the top and click it. It will allow you to click the option that shows Ruler like the image given below.

Step 3

Now first you have to select the paragraph that you just typed. Avoid selecting the entire document which may include any bulleted points or irregular text format as this method is best suitable for paragraphs only.

Step 4

Now you have the control with the ruler marker present at the top left of the bar. You have to slide the bottom marker to the right which will show you that the text in the paragraph is moving as well. This is to create a hanging indent according to your own custom choice. In case you have trouble moving the bottom marker to the right, then you can move both of them to the right.

After you take the cursor to the desired location where you want the hanging indent of the paragraph, you can use the top cursor to move it to the left which will allow you to take the paragraph back to where you dragged it from. This will create a hanging indent by leaving the lower cursor at its point while you pull back the top cursor in the ruler. In this way, you can create a hanging indent in word easily with your custom choice.

Step 5 (Paragraph Dialog Box)

Now you have another way by which you can do hanging indent in word by using Paragraph Dialog Box. In this method, you will begin with selecting the Home tab given at the top of the word.

Paragraph Dialog Box

Step 6

Now you can select the entire text of the paragraph written below.

Step 7

There will be a dialog box launcher above the ruler in word. You have to click on it just like the image given below. It will display the paragraph dialog box.

Hanging Indent on Word

Step 8

For word hanging indent, you have to find the Special option and select a Hanging option in it.

Step 9

Now adjust the size of the hanging indent that you want to apply to your selected text. You will be able to see the preview of your paragraph at the bottom of the paragraph dialog box with which you can adjust the indent more precisely.

Hanging Indent on Word

Step 10

Now click on the Ok button and your paragraph will get a hanging indent in the specified texts. Remember to save your documents after you practice references hanging indent.

In this way, every beginner can understand hanging indents in words, and they won’t be confused anymore about how to add hanging indents to words. The steps are covered clearly but if you want to go with some shortcuts, there are some keys to get you going. To make a new hanging indent in your document, you can select the paragraph and press Ctrl+T from the keyboard.

If the text doesn’t have any explicit tab stops, Word will indent to the next default tab stop, which is normally 0.5″ for any document or text. With each succeeding use of the shortcut key that is mentioned, the hang is indented by one tab stop. You can easily undo the dangling indent you just produced by pressing Shift+Ctrl+T altogether. This is the simplest approach to making a Works Cited page with a hanging indent in Word.

How To Create Hanging Indent on Phone

How to hang indent in word using a phone is pretty simple. You will be able to use hanging indent references in any of your documents by following these steps, but remember that it’s possible that you won’t see the options on your phone sometimes. The key is to turn the device to landscape mode to see all of the available options for editing the document. The steps are as follows:

  • Tap enter key before the first word of the quote and after the last word of the quote once you’ve filled in the text you want for your blockquote.
  • You’re fine to go if you select the indent option. Make sure you’re viewing your device in landscape mode.
  • Indent the text that you’ve highlighted by following the same methods of using the ruler to adjust its indenting.
  • If you can’t do that for some reason, you’ll have to hit the dots that signify further menu items, which will take more steps. You can open the paragraph dialog box.
  • Then, Find the option for indent in Special and select Hanging. You are good to go!


This was a guide on how to do a hanging indent on the word. All the easy steps for creating a hanging indent in word have been listed for the new users to understand easily and learn from it. If any user still faces issues of hanging indent on word, they can feel free to leave a comment in the section below or see our FAQ section which might help them to find their answers.


How to do hanging indent in word?

There are two ways to add hanging indent in word. The first one is by using the ruler method, and the other one is by using the paragraph dialog box. If you don’t know how to add a hanging indent in word. You might want to use the ruler cursor to adjust the indent. Otherwise, go to the paragraph dialog box and select a hanging option in the Special section.

What is the easiest way to add a hanging indent in word?

If you need to know how to do Hanging Indent on Word, then the easiest steps are.

  • Firstly, Highlight the first sentence of your citation with your cursor.
  • Secondly, Make a right-click with your mouse.
  • Then, From the pop-up menu that appears, choose paragraph.
  • Select hanging from the Special pull-down selection under Indentation.
  • Finally, Select 0.5″ from the by menu. This is how to insert hanging indent Microsoft word


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