Children take interest in drawing different object and animals. One of the most favourite animal of every kid is a Cat and they also want to draw a cat. Drawing cat is not a difficult thing, if you have proper guide and technique. There are different methods to draw a cat, but here we will guide you with the most basic and easy method to draw a cat. Here in this article, you will learn to draw a cat using word Cat . You all just have to grab pencil and a page, and perform each step with us.

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  • Pencil or Pen

  • Paper

How To Draw A Cat Steps

Step 1 Write cat on a plain paper

To start drawing a simple cat, take plain paper and a lead pencil and write the word "cat" on it. The word "cat" will lead your whole drawing so make sure you don't write the alphabet in joining writing. Use the same pattern as shown in the figure below. Note, if you want to make a neat drawing then sharpen your pencil before starting.

write cat on a plain paper

Step 2 Draw an oval shape for the head

The second step is to make the head. Now, using the top of the alphabet "t", draw a big oval shape for the head. The head will be having the nose, mouth, and eyes as well, so make sure to draw a wide oval shape that looks like a cat's head, or at least closer to that!

Draw an oval shape for the head

Step 3 Draw the nose of the cat

Now using the topmost edge of "t", draw the nose as shown in the figure below. Fill in the black color using the same pencil being used for drawing or you can also use colored pencils. Next, draw an inverted triangle shape for the nose, but don't be too precise about the corners of the triangle, as we don't need sharp pointy edges. Draw smooth round edges to make it look like a nose.

Draw the nose of the cat

Step 4 Draw the mouth of the cat

Next comes the mouth of the cat. Now, right beneath the nose drawn before, make a mouth using two small semi-curved lines, each facing away from each other but joined from the inner corner along with the head of "t", as illustrated in the image below. Curved lines will express how happy a cat is.

roast Pine nuts

Step 5 Draw the eyes

If you want to make a cute cat's face, you need to focus on the shape of your cat's eyes. In the center of the head right above the nose, draw two inverted (upside down) semi-curves. Keep some distance between the eyes as shown in the image. These curves will be adding expressions to the eyes, so make these curves bold to highlight the eyes. You can use a black marker too.

Draw the eyes

Step 6 Draw the ears

On the top of the head, draw two small triangles as the ears of the cat accordingly. Again, keep some distance between the ears to make them look somewhat realistic. Add two smaller triangles to the center of the big triangles to illustrate the inner ears of the cat, as shown below.

Draw the ears

Step 7 Draw the moustache of the cat

The next step is to make the moustache. Draw three small lines on either side of the oval, over the cheeks to illustrate the moustache. Contrarily, the lines should be closer to each other and should be of the same size, which will give a fine look to the drawing.

Draw the mustache of the cat

Step 8 Make the legs of the cat

Using the bottom of "t", make two legs likewise on either side of "t". One leg will be on the left side and the other one will be on the right side, equally aligned together. Join the right side of the leg to the alphabet "a", and make the paws by adding two lines as shown below.

Draw a tail and the back

Step 9 Draw a tail and the back

Next, draw the cat's tail using the alphabet "c". Draw another "c" on the inner side of the basic "c", in a bubble writing pattern, as shown in the figure below as well as, draw a curved line above the alphabet "a" and join it to the face of the cat overlapping the moustache. Now, the upper body and the tail of the cat are ready.

Make the legs of the cat

Step 10 Draw hind legs

Hind legs will complete the body of the cat. Now starting from the lower edge of the alphabet "c", drag a line along the bottom of the alphabet "a", and draw the hind legs. Have a look at the image below.

Make the legs of the cat

Step 11 Draw another paw

To complete the lower body of the cat's drawing you need to draw the paws. Make two small lines at the lower edge of the hind legs, to make it look like the paws as you did before in Step#8 for the front paws. Moreover, the paws should be small and should be drawn such as a sitting cat's image, as shown below.

Draw another paw

Step 11 Add facial expressions

Your drawing is overall done! Just add some expressive elements to the face to create a cute happy cat's face. Additionally, you can add colours to the cat, to make it more vibrant and interesting for the kids. Take help with how to add the expressions from the image below. and its all done

Give facial expressions


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