With regular car maintenance, you can enhance your vehicle’s life span. But who has extra bucks to spend on regular car maintenance services?  You don’t have to spend extra money on professionals to increase your car’s performance. Just be a little smart, and both your money and car will be safe.

Step by Step Car Maintenance 

You can carry execute car maintenance on your own unless there is some major problem.  The short-lived car maintenance has to renew within a short period. While others are long-run and can be checked after a long time, make sure you have knowledge about both types of maintenance.

Check Tire Pressure

You should monthly check your tire pressure after a long-distance drive. Make sure to use a standard gauge rather than a digital one as it operates on a battery. Start with cold tires by measuring pressure with the help of a gauge. Then note down PSI ( unit for measuring tire pressure) for each tire separately. Fill to recommended PSI by using an air compressor, after filling again check your tire pressure.

check tire pressure

Check Tire Tread Depth

Check your tire depth by placing a Lincoln head in between tire grooves.  If the head is not visible then your depth is good otherwise it’s the right time to replace your tires with new ones. But as said prevention is better than cure so inflate your tires regularly. You can also use a gauge to measure the depth of tires.

check tire depth

Spin Your Tires

Spinning your tires will increase their performance, many elements like vehicle alignment, distance covered by car, and others affect your tire wear pattern. You must rotate your tires by switching them side by side, with front and back or with both.

spin tires

Update your Windshield Wipers

You should change the windshield wipers of cars as it is an important part of your car which protect you from any mishap during harsh weather. They should be changed once a year, replace them by lifting old blades by hand and remove them carefully. Remember how they were attached to metal arms, in the same way, attach new ones, making sure they are tightly attached.

change wind shield wipers

Keep an Eye on Lights

It’s important to inspect the proper functioning of your car’s headlights, taillights, and signal lights. Ask your friend to stand in front of the car and let him examine the headlights.  Then the tail and signal lights, and replace lights that are unable to function.

check on lights

Wax your Car

Cars mostly get dirty due to outside exposure to pollution, simple washing can clean your car but it didn’t give a luxurious shine to the car, for this wax your car after small intervals this will not only give shine to the vehicle but also prevent from rusting and it saves your money from paint expenses.

wax car

Check Oil & Oil Filter

Said to a specialist after every 5 miles you should change the oil of your car otherwise it will lead to engine problems. Make sure you change it while the engine is cooling down. Start by removing the old oil filter then, fill the newly installed oil filter and double-check it with a dipstick to make sure you have added enough.

change oil

Check Coolant & Brake Oils

Check the fluid reservoir in the engine containing coolant and brake fluids. You should change your coolant fluid once a year. Remove existing coolant then fill in the radiator with water and again drain out the water through a draining plug.  Now fill the reservoir with suitable coolant for your car.

check on coolant

Check on Air Filter

Air filters help your engine performance by regulating airflow and keeping out debris from the engine.  It helps in enhancing engine life by improving fuel efficiency. You should replace the air filter once a year.  The air filter is a black color box attached with metal clips under the car’s hood. Remove it with your hands and install a new one, remember its position while removing.

check on air filter

Check on Fuel Filter

The fuel filter may be clogged due to dirt and affect your car’s performance, you should change it once a year for better performance. The fuel filter is located along the fuel line heading from the gas line towards the front of the car. Remove clips that hold the fuel filter then gently install a new one in place. Working on a fuel filter may be risky if you are not an expert, so make sure to replace it with proper care.

filter replacement

Check on Belt

The engine supplies power with a pulley running with belts if the pulley got worse or somehow the engine gets rubbed these belts will get damaged. Closely inspect these and replace them with new ones if damaged. Use the breaker bar to release tension slides the pulley, and insert a new one in its place.

check on belts

Check on Brake Pads

Changing brake pads depends on driving style if you have rough and tough styles then you have to change these in short term, but if you have soft driving skills then these will run in the long term. Jack up the car and remove the wheel, Slide brake pads by removing brake clippers, change brake pads with new ones securing with old clips.

check on brake pads

Check on Spark Plugs

Changing spark plugs is a simple procedure, you should replace them after 30000 miles. These plugs are attached to rubber wire, depending on the car’s cylinder there may be 4 to 8 plugs you have to only remove one wire from the first plug keep in mind to maintain the order in which plugs are attached. Then remove the plug and install a new one and tighten it with the help of a wrench.

check on spark plugs

Clean Battery

The battery is one of the important parts of your vehicle, and its maintenance is also important as it provides current for starting various accessories including the engine. The battery life span is between 4- and 6 years but if you observe some cracks, unusual stains, and broken cables, then it’s time to replace it. Make sure to clean your battery so you will not run to change it. Clean your battery terminals from dust and corrosion with the help of a brush or cloth easily to enhance its life and performance.

check on battery

Following these simple regular car maintenance tips, you will be able to enhance its performance and saves your money. But if you face some difficulty doing these on your own make sure to not put yourself in trouble and take professional help in your car maintenance services.

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