Snow chains are attached to a vehicle’s wheels while driving through snow and ice. Install snow chains on tires to provide traction, which allows vehicles to run smoothly on icy and snowy roads and mountains. Snow chains also called tire chains are attached to the driver’s wheel, they came in different patterns. There are numerous materials such as alloy, plastic, and steel, from which chains are made but usually steel chains are used.

Some vehicles have automatic snow chains that provide traction on snow and ice when switched on. Snow chains were invented in 1904. Now, people use them in snowy weather. Transportation authorities provide these facilities in snowy regions to avoid any mishap. Tires come in different sizes thus chains on tires are also according to their size.

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How to Install Snow Chains on Tires

Step 1 Measurement of Tires and Snow Chains

Before purchasing a snow chain kit, make sure you are well aware of your tire measurements. Tires come in different sizes and you have to purchase snow chains according to your tire size. So read your vehicle's owner menu and purchase according to the measurements of the tire. You can also check measurements on side of tires, numbers on tires indicate the height, width, and diameter of the tire. You may take help from a storekeeper while purchasing chains.

Tire Measurements

Step 2Unpack the Snow Chains

Once you brought your snow chain kit, unpack it gently. Untangled links of chain, make sure to do this once at home because this may take a long time if you are on road and need these on an urgent basis. It's better to prepare and untangle your snow chains before the trip.

unpack chains

Step 3Lay the Snow Chains

When you need to install snow chains make sure you will do it while parking your vehicle in a wide space and lay snow chains on the ground. If your vehicle has front-drive wheels place chains next to the front tires and if your vehicle has rear drive wheels then place chains next to the rear wheels, if your vehicle has all-wheel drive then place chains next to all 4 wheels.

lay chains on ground

Step 4Cover-Tire with Snow Chain

Now start hanging snow chains from the top of your vehicle's tire towards down, be sure it covers the total length, the width of the tire as well as they are straight. For some snow chains, you will have to go under your car to straighten them.

cover tire with snow chain

Step 5Move Vehicle Forward

Once you covered the top of your vehicle now it's time to fit the snow chain on the remaining part of the tire. Ask your friend to drive your car some steps forward, and move your vehicle tire inward to work easily. if you are installing on the right tire then move the tire towards the left side of the vehicle and if you are installing on the left side move the tire right side towards the vehicle.

Move vehicle forward

Step 6Connect the Hooks Tightly

Connects hooks tightly, start by connecting two hooks inner side of the tire then connect hooks on the outer side of the tire. Make sure to tighten the hook, using the link tighten tool. but don't use these tools on links.

Connect hooks

Step 7Repeat on Other Tires

After completing one tire, fit chains on another tire following the above-mentioned steps. After installing one tire now you have enough experience that your other installation is an easy to do task.

Repeat on other tire


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  • Make sure to check your vehicle owner's menu before installing snow chains to prevent your vehicle from any damage
  • After purchasing, snow chains test use them before going out on road.
  • While driving with chains maintain a speed of 40km/hour, don't drive fast.
  • Make sure all hooks are tied outwards so that they can't damage tires
  • If you hear any sound after installing chains, check and fix chains for safety
  • Don't put on large or small chains on tires as they will damage your tires
  • Don't run on a dry road with chains on it will damage your tires
  • Make sure to dry chains after use, and store them in a bag


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