The capacity to learn a language other than the native language is what we called second language acquisition. Different fields like Linguistics, Psychology, and Psycholinguistics assist this discipline through various mediums.

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Pursue Practical Learning

We utilize the Natural method in which we gather basic curriculum content of that language while learning. We spend years learning but still, we can't implement that in our routine life, why?. Because in all that time we only stick to gathering information in our head rather than practical implementation.

You don't only learn from the grammar and syntax of language until you implement that into day to day routine. If you want to be good at learning a new language you must follow a practical learning pattern.

Classical Style

Polyglots suggest a classical style for learning. A second language is a widely used method all over the world. In this technique, a person can translate words or sentences of the targeted language into their native language. People can understand different words and sentences on their own by using various translating tools. For example, if you want to learn English as a second language learn some basic words of English then translate them and try to memorize them.

Pareto 80/20 Rule

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto states that "roughly 80% of results come from 20% of effort".

If we apply this law in our learning we will be able to get a cut above results. For instance, if you are acquiring English language skills gather and learn 2000 frequently used words in English Conversation. This will enhance 80% of your proficiency.

Imaginative Acquisition

Want to speak articulate your second language then Imaginative Acquisition is the supreme way to do this. Our brain is the strongest part of our body whenever we think about something we think it is our first language, but if we start imagining in our targeted language it will boost our learning process. this method is most tested and trusted. Like if you want to learn English, start a conversation with yourself with small words and sentences. don't worry if you make mistakes no one is judging you.

Solar System Theory

When you sow a seed of a new language gather basic words which used frequently in the targeted language. each language has focus words that are repeatedly used in that language. if you want to learn English the frequent words are " the, and, a" these words are used more in every conversation than other words.

So imagine your targeted language as a solar system and most used words that cover a large area of the targeted language are kept close to the center and then words that are used less often place at the edge. focus on a closed circle of the solar system

Step to Grasp Second Language

Step 1 Recall 20 Words a Day

Start your learning process by making small steps, pick frequently used 20 words each day and try to memorize them by writing each of them using them in different phrases.

recall 20 words

Step 2 Pin your Ears Back

Listening is the first and most easy way to learn a language. when a child is unable to speak he only listens to his mother or family and recalls collected data when he is able to speak, he speaks in the first language which he listens around. so while learning to new language listen well either to music or from audio language material.

pin your ears back

Step 3 Be in Communication

Be in touch with speakers around the world of your targeted language. Make friends and communicate with them. This will increase your understanding of language through communication you will enjoy discovering new words and phrases.

be in communication

Step 4 Flick through Books

Instead of reading boring curriculum material discover a new trend of reading. read your favorite book in the targeted language, if you like the harry potter series then read its translation in your targeted language as you already know the content of the book it will make you understand different emotions and feelings in the targeted language.

Flick to books

Step 5 Pay Attention to TV

Watch, Listening, and storing is also an effective way to learn a foreign language. watch foreign-language movies and documentaries to enhance your language skills. make sure you disable subtitles in this way you can focus on language skills.

watch tv

Step 6Utilize in Routine Life

When you learn even a single word utilize these in day-to-day life with the help of this trick you can memorize better. unless and until you don't implement learning you will not retain the new language in long term.

utilize in routine life

Step 7 Travel Around

Pack your bags and take a trip around, explore different countries, languages, and cultures. Exploring a language and culture is itself a fun thing to do. if you want to learn a foreign language then travel around its native area communicate with people, you will be able to discover and learn more about their native language.

travel around


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