The zoom-in screen of the Apple device may irritate you and you are searching about how to zoom out on the apple watch. You can easily zoom out on an Apple device within seconds by following step-by-step instructions provided by stephowto guide. Sometimes you might zoom in on your watch to view content but suddenly your zoom-in screen got stuck or simply you no longer need a zoomed-in screen, there are three easy ways that can solve your problem.

Zoom Feature in Apple Watch

Enabling the Zoom Feature in Apple Watch

Before disabling zoom make sure your device’s zoom feature is turned on, if you are a new user finding a zoom-in tutorial then you can access zoom in both from your iPhone as well as from your watch’s settings.

  • On the homepage of the Apple watch, find a gear sign for settings.
  • Tap on settings and scroll down to accessibility.
  • Then in the vision option of the settings select zoom.
  • Tap on the toggle to turn it on.

You can also zoom in on your watch from your iPhone.

  • Select the Apple Watch app on the home screen of your iPhone.
  • Then In the settings tap accessibility.
  • Select zoom and enable it by tapping on the option.

Disabling the Zoom Feature in Apple Watch

Disabling the zoom feature is as simple as enabling the zoom. like enabling the zoom you can disable it from both your watch and iPhone device.

  • Tap on the setting icon on your Apple Watch.
  • Then scroll down to reach accessibility.
  • Tap on the zoom option.
  • Then tap on the green bar to make it grey and your zoom is disabled now.

You can also disable the zoom feature from your iPhone

  • Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Then in accessibility select the zoom option.
  • Disable it by tapping on the green toggle button.

How to Zoom Out On Apple Watch Three Methods

After enabling the zoom feature you can easily zoom in and zoom out of the screen, you can adjust the zoom size, and drag the zoom position anywhere on the screen by following the below steps.

Zoom Out Apple Watch using Double Fingers

You can zoom out the screen by double-tapping with your fingers. Join both fingers and then place them on the screen tap them twice and then release your fingers to zoom out the screen. You can also drag your fingers in the right, left, upward and downward directions to view the zoomed page. You can adjust the magnification size by dragging both fingers together in an upward and downward motion on the screen.

Double tap fingers

Zoom Out Apple Watch with Digital Crown

The digital crown of your watch is also used for zooming out the screen. You can rotate the digital crown in clockwise and anticlockwise directions to zoom in and zoom out of the screen after double-tapping on the watch screen with your fingers. A digital crown can be used to magnify maps and apps listed on the Apple Watch.

Digital crown rotation

Zoom Out Apple Watch iPhone

The zoom slider option in the Apple Watch app also provides you with zoom-out services, You can use your iPhone to zoom out your watch screen.

  • Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Then scroll down to reach accessibility and select zoom.
  • The enabled zoom option will provide a slider bar at the bottom.
  • You can drag this slider to minimize or maximize your zoom screen.
with iPhone


How to reduce text size on Apple Watch?

Open the setting option on your Apple Watch or on your iPhone, then head towards display and brightness there you will find a slider to reduce the text size. You can slide the bar according to your preferred text size.

How do I enable zoom on Apple Watch?

On your iWatch tap on the gear icon to open settings, then scroll down to locate accessibility and select the zoom option. You can enable zoom by tapping the toggle button.

How do I zoom out on my iWatch?

You can easily zoom out on the Apple device by double-tapping your fingers on the zoomed-in screen of the Apple Watch. Rotating the digital crown in clockwise and anticlockwise directions also reduces the magnified screen. Opening the zoom feature in Apple Watch app on your iPhone will also provide you with a slider option to decrease the zoom screen of the Apple watch.


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